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Karaoke is often associated with those ingesting copious amounts of liquid courage in dimly lit bars. I, personally, have not participated in it (the karaoke part, not the bar part), but I know plenty who have. As it turns out, there are serious and beautiful talents hidden among those drunken cover songs and serious beautiful talent in any arena leads to competition. One of Ogden’s own is competing in a national karaoke talent competition and I thought it’d be great for Ogden to get to know him a little bit.

So, who is Spencer King?

I am a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, dancer and stage technician. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I began singing at 2 years old for the church youth choir. Throughout my childhood years, I performed on stage for church plays and concerts, and eventually into public school, all the way through high school, as well as the Ogden Amphitheater, and garage bands that performed for birthdays and small events. My influences include Southern Rock, Gospel, Indie Rock, Irish Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Broadway, and Country. A soulful voice and dynamic stage presence makes me a crowd favorite. Outside of my passion of music, I love living with my beautiful girlfriend Lacey and hanging out with my son Skyler. I also have a fun little Texas Hold ‘Em hobby… I dream of playing in the WSOP (World Series of Poker).


How long have you lived in Ogden?

I’ve been living in Ogden for 15 years.

What are some of your favorite things about the Ogden community?

I frequently reside at Grounds for Coffee on 30th in the morning, and I go to different parks to play with my boy almost every day I have him. Big D and the River Parkway are Skyler’s favorites. I love hiking up waterfall and wheeler’s canyon. Started a tradition this summer where we go to Pineview every Sunday. I’m obsessed with karaoke, so at night if I decide to go out on the town I go wherever Jackson the Karaoke Dude goes. On Thanksgiving, it’s family tradition for us to go to Marshall White to volunteer before we go see a movie at the Junction. The lights down at Christmas Village are always a treat, and if I can make it to a concert at Ogden Amphitheatre, I’m there. If not, chances are I’m working over at Peery’s Egyptian Theater for one of their shows. The Egyptian is my favorite building in Ogden. The Farmer’s market is a great place to be on Saturday mornings, too.

What changes have you seen in Ogden? What would you like to see?

So much has happened! The Ogden mall being tore down, Weber State’s renovations, my high school (Ogden High) being completely remodeled, and now I’m watching the River Parkway and the Temple renovations from my front porch. I know it’s for the benefit of the community, but I really get annoyed with the construction during the summer. I would love to see less crazy drivers on the road and see more bicycles! This one’s a long shot, but maybe we could put a scented candle factory next to the dog food plant? I would LOVE to see all of my talented musician friends come together and make an album of music dedicated to funding local charities and to help pay for fundraising events! There are so many that want this idea in motion, but we can’t do it individually. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Tell us about your karaoke obsession and the contest(s) you are and have been in.

As soon as I turned 21, I became obsessed with karaoke. My last band’s guitar player got signed to a label with another band, and I had given up on making that work at the time. At Karaoke, I could sing whatever I felt like singing, and keep up practicing and working on my vocal techniques. I tried out for American Idol, but was quickly unimpressed by how it was done. I entered my first karaoke competition at Temptations, and ended up taking 2nd place by 1 stinking point to a guy I thought was much better than I was! I gained confidence from that, and joined a family of competitive singers that competed for 1000 dollars every 2 months down in Salt Lake at Club Allure. After placing Top 5 in those competitions, I pursued the TalentQuest national competition. I couldn’t believe the support I was getting, and I ended up winning my spot to Nationals my first year by an anonymous donor, who heard me sing and had faith in me. I am now competing to go for my fourth year in a row, representing northern Utah. I placed 20th nationally in Male Country last year, and I’m hoping to best that by making top 5 this year. The competition is TOUGH, but if I keep pushing myself, I can make that happen.

What are some of your aspirations with your music?

I would love to take my original music and finally make an album I can be proud of! I want to work my way into playing with more local musicians, and make an album of local bands and artists every year that can be sold in local businesses that raises money for community events. Making music to me is not “all about my feelings…” it’s singing that song that everyone can relate to, one that can make them laugh, cry, smile, or cheer. Music is here to help us find our way when we are lost in the confusion of life!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Without the faith of my friends and family supporting me through all these years, I would not be where I am today. Now, I have confidence that I can use my talents to make a difference in the community, and I look forward to making dreams happen in the future. This town is full of creative minds and talents! We have so much we can accomplish in the coming years from the burners, musicians, artists, local businesses, community leaders, charities, and more, and I look forward to seeing what we do. Until then, I’m going to try to bring home some national recognition the one way I know how.


Check out Spencer’s fan page here:

You can support Spencer in the competition by checking out Rocky Mountain Talent Quest Facebook page, for times and locations:

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