Indie Ogden Spotlight: Wasatch Roasting Company

1- Hi Wasatch Roasting! Tell us a bit about yourselves, who are the fine folks behind the roaster?

Wasatch Roasting Company was founded in March of 2016 – right here in Ogden, UT by my wife Tonya Blackford and myself. In October of 2016 we hired on long -time roaster and barista Nick Cobbledick as our Shop Manager and Assistant Roaster – to accompany myself as the Lead Roaster. Our plan is to open our Coffee Roastery/Coffee shop at 2436 Grant Avenue in downtown Ogden by the end of December, 2016.  We hope to grab hold of the coffee movement that currently exists in Ogden and take it up a notch by providing fresh, craft roasted coffee that elevates your coffee experience with every single cup.

2- The building you bought is so unique and cool, what do you have in store for it? Will you have a cafe and roaster in one?

This is an historic building in downtown Ogden that was built in 1896.We plan on adding another important chapter to its history by using it to offer Ogden its very first Coffee Roastery and Specialty Coffee Shop under one roof. Our friends can come in and enjoy a freshly roasted and brewed pour over, French press, latte, cappuccino, and other specialty coffee drinks while witnessing and smelling small batches of coffee being roasted in the background. We will also offer fresh, locally baked goods to pair with our coffee.

3-What inspired you to begin roasting coffee? When did your coffee adventure begin?

Our coffee adventure started on a trip we took with some friends to a village in Costa Rica back in February of 2016. There was a local roaster in a small shop with a tabletop roaster roasting and brewing his coffee that he brought in from local farms outside of town. The experience we had in this shop was truly heavenly. Enchanted, we purchased bags of his roast and brought them back to Utah to brew up on our home brew equipment. When that ran out, we were so enthralled by our experience that we went out and purchased a tabletop roaster, sought out beans from that Costa Rican region, and tried to replicate this “heavenly experience” we so fondly remembered. After studying the roasting process and a lot of trial and error, we began to create and become confident with our own roast profiles, so we decided to replicate and share this experience with our friends throughout the Ogden community. From there, we’ve been able to purchase two more roasters and build out our coffee roaster/coffee shop down on Grant Avenue.  

4-What exciting plans do you have in store for your first year?

First and foremost, we want to serve the community in Ogden and surrounding areas by expanding our service to other events like the Ogden Farmers market, Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll, GOAL foundation events, several Ogden charity events, and much more. We will also host private events at our shop location, as well as cater private events with our sample roaster, brewing equipment, or with our custom concession trailer. Folks can expect to see our trailer out and about as a “food trailer” designed to roast and serve coffee at various locations around the Ogden area.

We also plan on hosting educational seminars on everything coffee – from crop to cup – in our Grant Avenue location. Folks can come in to learn about the history of coffee, brew methods, roasting techniques, and experience the cupping process we use with all of the incoming coffee we roast and serve.

5- Most importantly, how can locals get their hands on your beans?

Folks can get their hands on our beans by purchasing them from our store location, or by checking us out online at

Anything else you’d like to add?  

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Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.