Indie Ogden’s guide to an Epic Adventure!

Spring  is here and its time for adventures! Tired of the same old routines for your vacation time? Let Indie Ogden help you have the most epic adventures of your life. Here are our top 20 suggestions (in no particular order) for things in O-town you must try at least once in your life.Whether you are looking for a mellow adventure or a death-defying thrill, we have you covered! Read on dear readers and let us know how your adventure turned out!

1-Jump off a cliff – Ok not just any cliff, a cliff hovering over beautiful waters at Causey Reservoir.  Be sure to choose a safe spot, wear a life vest and follow the advice of seasoned jumpers  because like all adventures, cliff jumping has it’s risks and many people are injured every year. If you aren’t up for the plunge you can rent a canoe or paddle  board  from Weber State and  watch those crazy kids do it while you sit back and relax.

2-Go camping– The great outdoors, the smell of the campfire, the sound of animals that may or may not think you are food…nothing  beats camping and there are plenty of places in this awesome town to pitch a tent (hehe).

3-Geo-Caching There are 3 things that I love about warm weather- hiking, finding hidden treasure,  being nerdy and geo-caching combines all 3! Nerd out with coordinates and maps and find some cool things left just for you!

4-Make your own brewwhy settle for the stuff at the store when you can brew your own ? Union station fermentation has all you need to start your own at home mini brewery and also offers classes to get you started! Besides brew they also offer classes and supplies for  wine, soda, cheese , mushrooms and soon beekeeping!

5-Go Skydiving– The biggest adrenaline rush with the best views. Here in Ogden you can make the biggest leap of awesome with highly trained professionals at Ogden skydiving center, I would suggest upgrading and getting Go Pro footage of your big plunge.

6-Summon Flo– Word on the street is there’s a banshee lurking at the Ogden cemetery. The indie Ogden crew was foiled  in our attempt to summon the entity but perhaps you can can finally solve the mystery.

7-Sing  karaoke– If you read my blog regularly then you know that I am quite the fan of singing badly in front of strangers. The source for all your karaoke needs in town is Jackson the karaoke dude, he has ruled the scene since the 80’s and knows how to break it on down.

8-Go country dancing  Trust me when I say, you have to try this at least once. Every Wednesday night  the Union Station hosts lessons and dancing all night long and every weekend Outlaw Saloon has line dancing to live music. Dig out your cowboy boots and boot scoot n boogie!

9-Rock climbing (perhaps for 2?)-  10,000 feet of bouldering and then some! Flex your muscles and get climbing by yourself, a bff or your sweetie. The Front has discount ladies nights and 3 for 1 specials so keep an eye out on their Facebook for deals!

10-Shoot a gun– I wouldn’t recommend channeling Yosemite Sam anytime soon but if you head over to Impact Guns , their knowledgeable staff with guide you in the SAFE direction. They have rental guns and really low range prices and are always excited to help out a newbie with any gun questions.Learn the ways of the gun, all the safety procedures and then head on in and shoot to your heart’s content (or as long as you paid for). It’s quite the adrenaline rush and the best therapy ever!

11- Be a touristSometimes when we live in a city we forget how awesome it really it. Grab a camera and fanny pack and head out to the local museums , eateries, and landmarks. Check out guns and trains at union station, dinos at the dinosaur park, go ice skating at the ice sheet or just stroll around downtown. Be sure and take ridiculous pictures while giving the peace sign, its mandatory!

12-Learn to be sustainable- The Ogden botanical gardens  and Ogden Nature Center offer a vast array of classes to teach you to be more self sufficient- from identifying local plants to preserving your own food and everything in between.

13-Learn to fly– When the zombies invade, the best mode of transportation will certainly be in the air. Learn to fly  a helicopter at Whirlybird or a plane at Leading Edge Aviation and never be the one left behind in the zombie apocalypse! Also is there anything cooler to have on your desk than a photo of you piloting a helicopter? I don’t think so.

14-See an indie flickGet dressed up, drink a ton of espresso and head to the Art House Cinema for a one of a kind viewing experience. See foreign films, local indie films and documentaries of all kinds. This tiny theater is so incredible inside and  so much fun to lounge in. Unleash your inner filmie and get extra points for viewing in a real art house.

15-Hike to the top of mount Ogden you haven’t really seen Ogden until you have seen ALL of Ogden.  Put you gams to good use and hike to the top of mount Ogden VIA Taylor canyon and take in the breathtaking views of O-town

16-Go horse back riding From what I hear horseback riding is incredibly therapeutic and an experience everyone must have at least once. R&G Horse and Wagon offers scenic rides through beautiful Antelope Park .  Get the real Utah experience and try out a little old-fashioned transportation.

17Get hit with a paintball- Need to settle an argument? Take it to the field! Lucky for you (unlucky for your opponent) we have an indoor paintball field right here in town, stocked full of the best of the best of paintball gear for your shooting pleasures.

18-Have a staycation– There are some awesome local and nearby hotels that will pamper you to no end. Stay a night or 2 or 3, order in room service and forget all your problems for a minute. Why does room service taste better than making it yourself? because you don’t have to do the dishes!

19-Try a new food! There are some amazing eateries here in Ogden and if you haven’t tried them well, you better make it your mission to start. We have Mongolian food, Indian , Chinese, some effing amazing pizza, burgers, Greek, god ol’ American and so much more! Next time you pass by that place you keep saying you will try- pull over! You may just have the oralgasm of a lifetime!

20-Give back- After all is said and done,  no adventure can quite live up to the thrill of giving back. There are always volunteer opportunities in Ogden from serving food at the shelter to helping animals find a forever home. Check out the volunteer reserve of Ogden for some opportunities near you.

 I want to hear about your adventures! Comment away if you try any of these this summer. 



**Indie Ogden and those affiliated with the site are not responsible for any injuries, bruised egos, embarrassment or any other consequences that may result from any of these suggestions.  Like all adventures you must weigh the risks involved and always always – safety first! 

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.