Join the team!

 There is no I in team but there is a me AND a we in awesome!


Do you love supporting local, writing, being creative and having fun? Indie Ogden may be for you! although Indie Ogden is a volunteer publication  and we do not have any full-time jobs, we do offer paying gigs and exciting opportunities.  Check out how you can get involved!

1-Support- Indie Ogden writers first and foremost love Ogden! Our sole purpose is to promote Locally and get people excited about experiencing our little town. We make sure and spread the word on local events, businesses,  news and interesting people.   Along with supporting local we always support each other.

2-Engage- Indie Ogden writers are encouraged to be engaged in the community. Volunteer, talk to business owners, go to local events, say hi to your neighbors! The more you get involved, the more  you learn about this town.

3-Promote- Everyone involved in Indie Ogden MUST HELP PROMOTE! The only way we can be successful, help Ogden and move forward is through promotion.  Tweet, share, stumble upon, Reddit, Digg our posts. Even just clicking “like”  and referring friends to our page helps promote Ogden.

4-Create-We want to encourage everyone to be creative! We are always excited to post a new creative idea and we want you to get credit for it! Pitch your ideas on the group page and you could get your amazing idea published! All ideas are considered and a teeny idea can blossom into something incredible!

5-Have fun- Indie Ogden is a lot of hard work but we also have fun together, hang out and go on adventures! We are a team  and we want you to be a member too!

Want to join? Check out our team group on Facebook HERE