Junction City Roller Dolls Back-to-School Double Header

On Saturday I had the opportunity to watch our Junction City Roller Dolls play an awesome double header and wipe the floor with the Happy Valley Molly Morbids and the Grand Junction Roller Girls.

Not that it was an easy victory. Both Happy Valley and Grand Junction put up serious fights. The action was awesome and non-stop!

In the first bout of the night the Junction City Trainwrecks took on the Happy Valley Molly Morbids from Spanish Fork. I am ashamed to say that the Molly Morbid fans were quite a bit more vocal than the Junction City supporters. I did my best to drown them out, but even with my prodigious vocal abilities I am only one person. I’m also pretty sure that the Grand Junction Roller Dolls were cheering for Happy Valley, so we had twice the voices to out cheer! Even with the loud opposing fans the Trainwrecks had an amazing run of scoring beating the Molly Morbids 219 to 131.

The second bout had the Junction City LocoMotives facing down the Grand Junction Roller Girls. Grand Junction has a fierce team and they put up a heck of a fight, but in the end the LocoMotives took the bout with a score of 187 to 93. A more respectable margin, but still pretty sad!

The evening was about more than just the bouts. The whole event was a Back-to-School party for the kids. All kids under 12 got in for free. There were clowns making balloon creations and face painters. There was also a Sock Race between the bouts with prizes for both the fastest boy and the fastest girl. An adorable red headed girl won the race, outpacing everyone by quite a bit. In an evening of watching powerful women kicking butt, I found it quite appropriate!

There was also a silent auction going on. The Junction City Roller Dolls have a partner charity, CAPSA. Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA) is a nonprofit organization in Logan dedicated to helping victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Definitely a worthy cause. Some of the proceeds from the silent auction were earmarked to go to CAPSA, and there was also a representative there giving out information about Cruising To Stop Abusing, a bike ride fundraiser happening on September 28th.




I really had so much fun, and my kids had a blast. The bouts were definitely family friendly and I’m sure we’ll be going again. My kids absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous KillaPatra, so we’re going to have to show up as her fan club! Plus, they really need more people who will cheer them on! Come on guys, I know Ogden can whoop it up with the best of ’em! Lets show our Junction City Roller Dolls some of that support!

The next home bout is on September 28th. You can visit their website junctioncityrollerdolls.com for all the information.

See more photos here-http://www.flickr.com/photos/bojphoto/sets/72157635231243271/

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