Little Yogis Class | The Lotus Wellness Spot

We took the kids to a Little Yogis class at Lotus Studio on 25th Street in Ogden.

The sweet and passionate Erika started out teaching them about Bhramari pranayama, or bee breathing. Bhramari pranayama is a breathing technique that is used to calm the mind down and release agitation, frustration and anxiety.


The kids were taught to make the proper humming sound (hence the bee breathing name) and then they were each encouraged to draw a bee picture to help them clear their minds. Afterwards they got to practice a few basic yoga moves such as downward dog, child’s pose and cobra. Erika then taught them about belly buddies, special rocks that they borrowed to balance on their bellies while they learned how to focus on their breathing. She then showed them what meditating looks like and let them each sit for a minute of peace and tranquility… as much as you can with toddlers around anyway 🙂

Bringing in some more child-like elements of fun, they also played a yoga version of duck, duck, goose which involved sitting calming, with their eyes closed and then slowly moving around the circle to find someone to trade places with.

To end the class she let them all put their names in a jar and held a drawing to win a belly buddy, Corbin was lucky enough to get to take one home for free. The other kids had the option of purchasing a stone down in the Lotus shop.

The shop owner was then kind enough to bring up small smoothie drinks for the kids to refuel with, and they just happened to be dairy-free, which my allergy prone children got excited about!

A far as the Lotus studio itself I was quite impressed with the teacher and the facilities. They provided mats for all the kids, so you don’t have to make a huge financial commitment and purchase everything in order to let your kids try yoga. Erika made an effort to learn all the kids’ names right off the bat, so they felt involved and responded well to her instruction. She even somehow managed to achieve a few minutes of serenity with 13 children and the overall volume level through the class was really quite reserved. Maybe I need to get my kids doing more yoga on a regular basis at home!

Yoga was one of those things were some of my kids LOVED it and were asking when we could go back and some were a little too young and got restless and just wanted to run around. It was definitely good to let them try something new and discover their own level of interest. Next time we go back, I’ll just bring the ones that really seemed to want to be there.

Classes are Saturday 11:15 – 12:00 p.m. Ages 4 to 10. w/ Erika