Local Spotlight: Alleged

Have you been craving a place where you can dress up, share some high quality drinks and enjoy a  beautiful atmosphere all in one location?  Crave no more, coming soon to Ogden will  be the very first roof top deck bar called Alleged  featuring high-end spirits, great music and beautiful surroundings.  We were given the opportunity recently to ask owner Jared E. Allen  a few questions about his vision for Ogden, history on the location and  what exactly Alleged has to offer.  Check it out and get excited Ogden!

1- Tell our readers a bit about you, name, where are you from, profession

Jared E. Allen. Originally from Brigham City. Went to Utah State. Moved around the country for work. Started restoring Ogden homes 5 years ago. Degree and professional background are art and design based. Art Director and Creative Director for Ad Agencies.

2- When did you decide to open alleged, what inspired you?

I’d been wanting to open a bar in Ogden for a while,  but never had the right venue. When we bought the Keller building we knew it was the perfect spot. We missed the nightlife from Denver and roof top deck scene so we wanted to bring some of that culture here.

3- Who is designing the interior, I saw you were using some original materials like the doors for tables what other original materials are you incorporating.

I am playing designer. It is my background, but this is the first time I’ve played architect on a commercial property. Ogden has incredible “bones” in terms of architecture. There are so many diamonds in the rough here.

Today we brought in a beam from my grandfather’s barn to be used as the bottle display for the bar on the roof. We like using old materials and blending them with contemporary design. Also bringing in items of sentimental value.

4- What kinds of events, services, food and drinks will Alleged offer?

Alleged will provide an eclectic menu of drinks that pay homage to the rich history and characters of 25th Street’s past. A restaurant will operate on the main floor that will provide the food for the bar. The bar is only open to the public 3 night a week and will be available for private events the other 4 nights. The events will be as diverse as the groups that book them.

5- Alleged will have the first and only rooftop bar, the views are going to be amazing, will you have events up there? 

The views are awesome. Great views of the mountains, sunsets and 25th Street. There will be events (ED see question 4).

6- Can you tell me a little about the history of the building? Did it used to be a brothel?

The last business to operate in the space we’re using was a brothel called the Rose Rooms. The space has been out of public use for 50-60 years. Renovating the space has been an enormous project. The name, design and menu will all play off some of the past businesses of the space and try to promote the rich history of 25th St.

7- Alleged will reinvest 100% of profits in the further restoration of downtown Ogden. How will that work? 

We will pay our expenses including a lease, but then literally 100% of all profits will be reinvested in restoring Ogden. That means every penny that isn’t an expense will be used to purchase and restore more homes in East Central or commercial buildings in the CBD. We’ve already made a big impact in Ogden restoring properties, but I think with Alleged we’ll be able to do an additional 10+ homes a year. It’s what we do anyway.

8- When will the official opening be? are you hiring?

Our first liquor license eligibility won’t be until December. We should have renovations done in late November. We may hire a skeleton crew for private events once renovations are complete, but wait to staff up entirely until we acquire our liquor license. There is the potential for that to take some time given state laws.

9- what are your favorite things about Ogden? places to go ? favorite spots?

Snowbasin. Skiing. Trail running. The architecture. The people so passionate about restoring the city. 25th St. The river way. The junction. The restaurants. The overall feeling of community. The goal foundation. Etc… I could go on for a while.

10- 3 things our readers must know about you

3 things about me…. Hmmmm…. 1. I have two kids with insane amounts of energy that are incredibly gifted at potty humor. 2. I’m a workaholic. In all things, but they’re things I enjoy. 3. I’m going to die and I remember that every day. Knowing my temporary nature, my place in time, the road to me, and the potential road from me… that provides a lot of clarity.


Check out some photos of  Alleged’s rooftop deck bar  and be sure to ‘like’ them on facebook to stay updated on the opening, events and more.

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.