Make Friends & Get A Social Life With These Ogden Groups!

GUESTLet’s face it, making friends is not easy. Gone are the days when you could just run up to another human and say ‘Hi! I like Pokémon, let’s be best friends!’. And just like that, you were inseparable.  As an adult, you have to work harder to make friends and even harder to keep them. Where do you even find adult friends? What if they don’t like what you like? What if they are voting for Trump??  Thankfully, I tracked down some fantastic local groups where you can find kindred spirits, maybe even your new BFF.  So, get out there and make some friends, and remember ‘There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met’.

Poet Flow
Are you a writer, poet or just a literary buff? This local group meets every Tuesday at Lighthouse Lounge to recite poetry, prose, lyrics and anything else literary that inspired them. Some participants choose to recipe their own pieces while others quote from their favorite writers.  Each week usually has a theme that you can follow, and there are always a handful of comedic performances that vastly overpower for that intermittent awkwardly personal poems.

Meetup Times:  Tuesdays 7-9pm at Lighthouse Lounge
Poet Flow Facebook Page

Ogden Rad Ladies
Ogden Rad Ladies is a fantastic group of the coolest/strongest/most badass women in Ogden, but I might be a bit biased given that I founded the group. The Rad Ladies meet the first Wednesday of every month for a potluck and discussion about general female badassery. We also have a book club and playdates for mamas. Most recently, the Rad Ladies started a volunteer project of the month where we spend a day helping a local non-profit or organization.

Meetup Times: First Wednesday of the month at a different host’s home, monthly for book club and volunteer days on varying days.
Ogden Rad Ladies Facebook Group

Ogden Outdoors Group
Ogden Outdoors Group is a place ‘For people who like to run, hike, climb, mountain bike, camp, or be active outdoors!’. In this group, you can find local meetups, events and get tips on where to go and where to buy gear.  This group is great for connecting with all the other outdoors groups as well so no matter what you are into, you can find your niche. 

Meetup Times: Varying, shared events in group
Ogden Outdoors Group Facebook Group

Hack Ogden
Talk nerdy to me! This group is a fun way to meet another tech, design, gaming and marketing enthusiasts. Each Wednesday Hack Ogden meets to discuss everything from coding to marketing strategies. I have attended a couple of meetups and not only did I learn a ton, but I also made valuable connections.  Sign up for their slack and stay in touch with everyone in the group. A huge perk of this group? Free lunch!

Meetup Times: Wednesdays at noon at Weber State Downtown building

Ogden Sierra Club
If you want to hike new trails, meet other hiking enthusiasts and fight for environmental protection, you ought to check out Sierra Club of Ogden. This group meets several times a month, often weekly, to go on group hikes and adventures. Sierra Club is a volunteer organization that fights to protect parks, water, and public land. The Utah chapter has been involved in grassroots environmental activism since 1959.

Meetup Times: Weekly at various trails and parks

Ogden Dining Out Club
Foodies Unite, this group is for you!   Ogden Dining Out Club meets at a new restaurant every month to try the food and make some friends. With 551 members, there’s bound to be someone in there who shares your interest or, at least, your obsession with food.

Meetup Times: Monthly, varying times and locations
Ogden Dining Club Meetup Page

Ogden Social Society
If you want to jump right into a social group whose goal is to have the best time ever, the Ogden Social Society might be your group. ‘This Meetup group is for people who are age 21 and older, whose interests include: creating new friendships, dining out, social events, supporting the community and participating in group activities. We love Ogden but will occasionally travel to the immediate surrounding areas to spread the social love. Join us and look forward to a variety of dinners, lunches, parties, musicals/theatre/plays and other social events.’

Meetup Times: Varying times and locations
Ogden Social Society Meetup Page

Ogden DIY Robotic Makers
Tinkerers unite! The Ogden DIY Robotic Makers Club is a group that meets the 3rd Saturday of every month to learn, build, and connect.  ‘”Calling all types DIY Makers!” This meetup is for folks who enjoy building and presenting one-of-kind electronic gadgets, robotics, software programming, and making lasting friendships with other like-minds people of diverse backgrounds. This clubs level expertise is from beginner to advanced, but no one is above helping you, so I would like to say to you this phrase, “Each one teach one,” is our MOTO.’

Meetup Times: 3rd Saturday of every month at Weber State Downtown
Ogden DIY Robotic Makers Meetup Page

Ogden Book Club
In a literary slump or just want to meet other book nerds? This local book club meets monthly to discuss a book that is voted on by members.  Discover new books, new place and make friends all in one swoop.  I know, it sounds overwhelming, but you have an entire month to psyche yourself up for it

Meetup Times: Monthly at varying locations
Ogden Book Club Meetup Page

Ogden Unplugged
If you’re a musician, Ogden Unplugged is a great place to connect with the local musical community.  Stop in Lighthouse Lounge around 7 pm on Thursday nights for an open mic where you can hop on stage or just enjoy other local musicians. Around 9 pm Ogden Unplugged hosts a local or national act for the rest of the night.

Meetup Times: Thursdays 7-11pm at Lighthouse Lounge
Ogden Unplugged Facebook Page

Ogden Astronomical Society
Do you love astronomy?  Are you curious about the Universe? Do you want to explore the heavens? Have you ever been a star-gazer? The members of the Ogden Astronomical Society extend an invitation to you to join our local astronomy club. You don’t need a telescope to be a member.

Meetup Times: Monthly, various locations, times

Ogden Camera Club
The Ogden Camera Club is not only a great way to hone your photography skills, but it is also a great way to explore new places and make friends. ‘The Ogden Camera Club originated at Weber State College more than 50 years ago. During the club’s evolution, it became an organization for members to share photographic slides. The Ogden Camera Club is a group of amateur and professionals that share a passion for photography.’

Meetup Times: Several times a month, varying locations

Knitting Meetup
The Needlepoint Joint on 25th street hosts a bunch of knitting and yarn spinning classes every month for all of you crafty folks out there. Along with the free meetups, this local shop also hosts classes so you can learn how to knit if you don’t already. Get your craft on!

Meetup Times: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and 1st & 3rd Fridays at Needlepoint Joint.

Some more great ways to make friends…

These might not be groups, but they are great places to make new friends. Check out these events with a trusted buddy or, if you’re brave, all by yourself!


Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.