Mr. Marmalade


I first heard about Mr. Marmalade directly from the owner of Good Company Theatre, Alicia Washington.  She gave a presentation at a meeting I attended, going over the history of the theatre and introducing some productions, past and present.  I knew I needed to attend one.  I recently went to another local theater production and jumped at the chance to see Mr. Marmalade.

The setting of the play is the living room of four-year old Lucy.  Lucy is much like any four-year old: imaginative, playful and hopeful.  She spends much of her time alone, as all of the adults in her life are too busy to play with her.  Her imaginary friend, Mr. Marmalade, is no different.  The story takes place one evening when Lucy’s mother goes out and the babysitter is distracted.  Lucy’s imagination takes the audience deep into the mind of a very sad and troubled child.

Mr. Marmalade at Good Company Theatre

Lucy is played by the wonderfully talented Jessica McCowin, a Utah native.  Her embodiment of young Lucy is spot-on.  Mr. Marmalade is played by William Richardson, a seasoned actor who spends his time between Ogden and New York City.  His portrayal of Mr. Marmalade was incredible.  I can’t say there was a bad performance from any of the actors – they were all so honest and tremendously talented.  Kaytlin Sawyer, the director, has created a fabulous production.

What’s playing:  Mr. Marmalade

Where is it playing:  Good Company Theatre, located at 260 Historic 25th St. in Ogden

When is it playing: Now – May 3rd, Thurs – Sat at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 4 p.m.

How do I get tickets:  Tickets are available for $15 online at, or $17 at the door before each performance

Who should go:  Although this play focuses on a four-year old child, this is definitely NOT a children’s play.  There are adult situations and language, including a scene with violence.  Good Co. does not recommend those under 16 yrs. of age.


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