Ogden Valley Roots & Blues Festival 2016

Last year I attended my first Ogden Valley Roots and Blues Festival. I had such a blast with my kiddos up there, so when it rolled into town this last weekend I jumped at the chance to attend. I scheduled sitters Friday and Saturday night, took some much-needed adult time and headed up to North Fork Park in Liberty with friends.

As I arrived Friday night, the sun was beginning to set behind Ben Lomond Peak. We grabbed a beverage and a slice of pie from Lucky Slice just as the temperature dropped and the air turned a bit chilly. Luckily, the amazing Peterson Brothers had just taken the stage and brought with them an amazing energy. These gentlemen are the real deal. I was blown away by their talent and maturity. I have a strong feeling we will be hearing a lot more from them over the next few years.


The talented young Peterson Brothers.

They rocked the stage for an fantastic 90-minute set and left the crowd excited and ready for the last act, the fantastic Bill Kirchen.


The legendary Bill Kirchen.

I’ve long been a Bill Kirchen fan. He’s played with so many well-known musicians throughout his over 40-year career and has proven to be an important piece in American roots music . His talent and stylistic guitar licks are recognizable and energizing. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see this legend play right here in my own backyard.

I took the drive back up Saturday evening. The crowd was much bigger, the weather perfect, and the energy amazing. When I arrived, Luther Dickinson was on stage playing with The Peterson Brothers. They played a few songs together and rocked it. It was amazing to see a couple of ridiculously talented young musicians play with such a force as Luther Dickinson. Not only did they keep up, their sound melded fabulously with his and the sound was incredible.


Luther Dickinson performing with The Peterson Brothers.


Seriously, could the view be any more beautiful?


The Luther Dickinson Trio.

Teaming up with bass player Amy LaVere and drummer Sharde Thomas, Luther has captured a strong sound that perfectly highlights the vast talents of each musician. Watching these three together was captivating and an absolute treat.


The incredibly talented Fred Eaglesmith.

The last act of the night was none other than Fred Eaglesmith. With his signature growl and theatrics, Fred and the band revved up the audience and brought everyone to their feet. He’s been playing for years and knew exactly how to energize the crowd. It was a perfect way to end the night!


The Roots and Blues Festival of 2016 was amazing! OFOAM certainly knows how to put on an incredible show. I loved running into so many awesome friends, listening to fantastic music, and enjoying the crisp late summer air. Looking forward to next year!

I’m an Ogden native and I think this town is pretty rad. When I’m not adventuring with my offspring I can be found watching old VHS movies, hitting up the thrift store, or reading a book.