Ogden’s Music Scene: Shaky Trade

With a loyal fan base and venues that love supporting local, Ogden’s music scene is growing quickly. From metal to funk, from punk to reggae, Ogden has it all. Check in every week to hear from a local band or musician that rocks our socks off.

Shaky Trade is a  band that brings the funk! Comprised of six musicians who are each immensely talented, this band brings down the house wherever they g0. Read on, dear readers, to learn more about this awesome local band!

First, introduce yourselves:

Billy Bommer—Sax/Lead Vocals
Chris Clemons—Trumpet/Background Vocals
Greg Shaw—Bass
Michael Wong—Drums
Ryan Conger—Keyboards
Brad Wright—Guitar

When did you start making music?

We started up in 2004, having rehearsals in Dick’s Tile Shop (another local Ogden business). A few lineup changes later, and we’re barreling full strength into the future.

How did you all meet each other?

Greg, Billy, and our original guitar player Simon played in a local band called Yogi. After that fell apart, they started looking for a new project. I met Simon while we were both attending Weber State, and he asked me to come play. Michael Wong joined later, we held auditions after our original drummer left. Brad and Ryan came as a package deal after Simon moved to California; they’ve played together for years around Utah, most notably in a band called Orjazm, a group we idolized when we were younger.

How did you come up with your  name?

Greg Shaw pointed his Neanderthal fingers at two random words in the dictionary. No, seriously.

What would you say your musical style is? Influences?

I would say our style is mostly funk-based, groups like Sly and The Family Stone, Soulive, and The Meters. There is an inescapable rock element though—we were all raised on Pink Floyd, Metallica, Pearl Jam, etc. Since Brad and Ryan joined, we’ve incorporated more jazz into the mix; both those guys are huge jazz heads.

Favorite place to play in Ogden?

I don’t know if we have a “favorite” place—we’ve played all over since we started. We’ve played raging shows at Kamikaze’s, The Sandtrap, and The Wine Cellar most recently though. Stoked for the new Copper Club!

What are you working on? Plans for the future?

We put out our 3rd album of all-original material about 6 months ago, and we’ve been hard at work writing new material ever since. We’ve talked about recording this winter, but haven’t made any definite plans. Whatever it is, it gots to be funky.

Three things Indie Ogden readers should know about you all:

#1 – We’ve got die-hard fans in this die-hard town that turn out to every show. And we couldn’t do it without you.
#2 – Listen to jazz, it makes you smarter.
#3 – What happens in The Sandtrap stays in The Sandtrap.

What are some local Ogden bands/musicians you love?

We respect everybody who’s making independent music—it’s more often than not a thankless endeavor. But just to name a couple, The Pour Horse is a great band, made up of some fantastic musicians. Amir Jackson’s another one, doing noble work with his Nurture The Creative Mind Foundation.

What are your favorite things to do in Ogden?

Other than make music, we’re into the local restaurant scene, also most of us are big skier/snowboarders. Best snow on earth, baby.

What is your favorite business  in Ogden?

Slackwater is killing it right now. A prime example of a killer restaurant done right. And they’re getting the patio enclosure for the winter! Kudos!

Do read Indie Ogden?

But of course. Where else can we hear about sweet upcoming local shizzle?

Any upcoming shows?

Indeed, we’ve got 3 coming up this month:
Nov 18—We’re playing at Kamikaze’s. This is our annual Pray For Snow Party, it’s gonna be huge. This is a joint show with Codi Jordan, another big local music dude/band.
Nov 23—Our annual Night Before Thanksgiving show at The Sandtrap. If it’s anything like years past, it’s gonna be a paint-peeler.
Nov 30—We’re playing at The Wine Cellar for the NCM Foundation’s 5th Anniversary Party.

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.