Race, by David Mamet, A Review

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The only thing I knew about “Race” going in was from the brief description on The  Good Company Theater website: “When three attorneys are presented with the opportunity to defend a white man charged with a crime against a young black woman, can any of them rely on the truth?”

David Mamet’s “Race” made you question whether or not your notions of race influence your assumptions, prevent sympathy, and color (no pun intended) your views of the “truth”. As well as the legality involved in issues of race.

The play had only 4 actors: The accused, and three attorneys, a white man, a black man, and a black woman. And one scene.  Mamet utilized foul language, harsh words, and a hostile environment to universalize the suffering and prejudice many face due to race. It focused primarily on the natural assumptions and precautions taken when those of different race interact. While dealing primarily with “white” and “black” the play touched on the prejudice of Hispanics as well.

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The audience was peppered with individuals of many races, and as an observer, I found it interesting to note which scenes and dialogue elicited the most vigorous responses from those in attendance. It was not the same across the board, and one could even say that those of one race reacted more strongly to certain parts than others. Which only went to further solidify the message of the play itself.

I found the production as a whole to be entertaining, thought provoking, and controversial. The acting was on par, though some scenes were a tad “over-acted” in my humble opinion, with exaggerated facial gestures and gesticulations.

The stage was small, and the props minimal, and the actors did a good job of filling the space, and connecting with the audience.

The production was an interesting take on the prejudices, confrontation, and accepted norms of human behavior where issues of race are concerned.

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