Rad Lady Adventures – Outdoor Enthusiasts of All Abilities Welcome

Let’s be honest. I’m on 4’9. I am far from thin. I’m not very coordinated. I’m a huge chicken. But you know what that doesn’t keep me from? Being an outdoor adventurer! I don’t look like the women on Instagram using #outdooradventure on their posts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have plans swirling in my head for my next outing. I’m here to tell you that the outdoors is for everyone, regardless of your fitness, skill level, mobility, and risk tolerance.

(Christina Miller exploring Sequoia National Park)

Now, I love watching this top-level athletes who are day in and day out exploring the great outdoors. I follow their Instagram accounts for inspiration, I go to outdoor focused film festivals, and I support local outdoor groups. Considering I live in Ogden, Utah, I also live in the heart of some of the most awe-inspiring outdoor areas in the United States and possibly the world. Plus, the outdoors are celebrated here, so it’s easy to find fellow nature enthusiasts.

(Christina Miller doing the fire dance after starting a fire)

However, over the last few years, I feel like a lot of these outdoor enthusiasts are focused on those who are pushing the boundaries in hiking, climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, and so on. Even though I think it’s so cool what these athletes are accomplishing, I know I can’t do it ever even if I train for years and years. I’m not fit enough and I’m not brave enough. So I was feeling left out, like the only way to be a true outdoor person is to go big or go home. But as a National Park junkie and nature adventure, I’ve already proved that false in my own life.

(Christina Miller car camping in Page, Arizona)

My fellow Ogden Rad Lady, Candice Brown, and I were talking about how the representation of the outdoors isn’t inclusive of all women and we want to change it! We are starting the Rad Lady Adventures Facebook group and Instagram. We plan to feature and include all women who love the outdoors. If you never been on a hike in your life, but are ready to see what nature can do for you, this group is for you. We also want everyone who is pushing the boundaries too. You can always help us see if we can dare to take a new risk. I mean it; this group is for all women. Young, old, short, tall, fat, thin, fit, rocking a jazzy, all ethnicities, and we don’t even care what gender is listed on your birth certificate. Nature is for all of us, and the outdoors are extremely accessible in Ogden.

(Candice Brown, nature adventurer!)

I hope you will join us on this ride! Come join the Facebook group and follow us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #radladyadventures so we can feature you and how you are kicking butt in the outdoors! We are also planning events for all levels, so you can come meet other adventurers as well!

(Candice Brown facing the camera was taking a risk)

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