Supporting Local on Historic 25th

For the most part, we’re all aware of the restaurants, stores and art studios on 25th street. We’ve been in most of them and talked to a few of the people who operate them. We’ve bought from and ate at them, we’ve made memories and friends, but how much do you really know about the businesses you’re supporting? Let’s take a short adventure and find out more about a few of the businesses, meet some of the owners and find out what they have to offer you. Hopefully, I’m able to persuade you to walk into somewhere you otherwise might not have. Hopefully, you’ll find out something you otherwise would’ve never known and hopefully, you’ll continue on this adventure long after I’m done with this blog.

Knowing nothing at first on how to run a business, Sadie has made grounds for coffee a welcoming place for everyone. It’s a place to order your favorite coffee, read a book or write a book (or this blog). It’s a place to make new friends or catch up with old ones. It’s a place to be inspired; it’s a place to love.


Six years ago, Marcy dreamed out loud of someday opening up a book store on 25th street, this past summer, she was able to make that dream come true. Booked on 25th street is something our community has been missing and something it needed. Walk in and browse the books, pick something new to read, find an old childhood book you loved and make a new friend. Follow booked on 25th to find out about all their events and step inside during the first Friday art stroll.

Everyone knows about lucky slice pizza, and practically everyone loves their pizza. We all know that every month they have a new limited edition pizza that you can buy either by the slice or as a whole. Did you know, however, that nearly every ingredient that goes onto their pizza is handmade daily by one of the owners and the kitchen crew? Further, did you know that the red sauce and dough has always been and will always be 100% vegan? Not only do you get delicious pizza, but you know for sure it’s as fresh as possible.

Going on five years now, all about socks has been selling the community all sorts of socks and more. With prices ranging from .25¢ – $52.99, you’re assured to find something you’ll love. Camille has one of the biggest hearts you’ll not only find on 25th street but in Ogden. Every time a charitable event is going on; you’re more than likely to find a donation from all about socks. For the month of December, every $25 purchase equals a donation of a pair of socks to charity. However, the best part about all about socks is Ceri, the cockatoo. Customers love Ceri and Ceri loves the customers. Take a step inside, meet Camille, meet Ceri and find yourself a new pair of socks.

Kenneth and Vanessa operate the diamond room offering a great selection of in-house jewelry. Don’t see something you love? Allow them to help you custom create that perfect piece of jewelry that you know you’ll love. They also offer free ring cleaning to get your ring sparkling again. While you’re in there, go ahead and enter for that giant teddy bear in the window.

Great Harvest bread co. has been owner operated for 27 years now. They mill 100% whole wheat flour and make everything from scratch every day. Stop in, have some lunch and take home a loaf or two of bread. Don’t forget desert; they have amazing specialty bread as well.

These are only a few of the amazing businesses we are lucky to have on our historic 25th street. Pick a day to walk up and down the street to check out all the businesses, take a minute to meet the amazing people who operate them and allow them to tell you their story and what they have to offer you.

Get out and buy local, support local and make new friends.

Alan Grice has lived in the Ogden area most of his life. It wasn’t until 4 years ago that he really fell in love with Ogden and the people that live here. Alan is very big on supporting our local businesses and the people who operate them.

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