The Lotus Spot is bringing healthy living to Ogden

Lotus Lounge: Real Ingredients, Real Good Eats

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Last weekend I took a trip with my family to stroll 25th street and we stopped into the Lotus Lounge for lunch. Stephanie and Michael were behind the counter, all smiles, eager to tell us all about the healthy foods on their menu.  Michael explained to us all of the ingredients and how each item is handmade from scratch with real ingredients, avoiding any preservatives or dyes.

My husband picked out a pizza calzone and I chose a feta muffin and samosas for the girls. We sat down to eat at a bench that Stephanie had made herself from an old door and a couple of end tables. The children pulled out a puzzle made from wood and sat quietly (Imagine that!) as they concentrated on the project at hand. There’s also a table with a checkerboard top, a large chalkboard and games to enjoy while you wait for your food.

Waiting for the food while the smells filled the air is torture so I took this moment to pick Stephanie’s brain and ask her how she came to live in Ogden and create this space.  She explained to me about how she was always interested in healthy living and as she traveled  the world she filed away little tidbits of information that, unbeknownst to her, would be the foundation for the Lotus Spot. She also told me about Michael’s upbringing and how he worked in his family’s restaurant  in Ohio and spent his youth cooking with the matriarchs of the family.

Our food arrived  and, after only one bite,  my husband immediately called dibs on the calzone,I managed to sneak a bite and I agree that it was perfection. All of the items we ordered were fresh and delicious, I loved how you could see it was hand-made by the careful  little details on the edge of the calzone and samosas. It’s clear that Stephanie and Michael care about not only  creating healthy food but food that makes you happy.

The menu isn’t limited to just baked goods either, there is also a ‘build your own’ salad, sandwich/Panini  and smoothie/raw juice menu where you can create anything you can dream up.  In a world full of  a diverse variety of dietary restrictions and allergies, it’s great to have a menu that gives you exactly what you want.

Blooming Lotus imports: Where Global Meets Local

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After lunch I asked Stephanie for a tour of Blooming Lotus, there is so much to see that I almost felt like I needed to dedicate an afternoon to exploring all of the nooks and crannies. As we browsed the shop I noticed  a lot of local brands like Hippie Skin, a local skin care company.  Each item we passed serves a purpose in the shop and  I was told exactly why they were showcased and how they  relate to the message of fair trade, natural and  sustainability that Blooming Lotus Imports stands for.

Along with all of the local items, the boutique also carried many global products as well.  Sure Designs are one of the popular global brands  in the shop, a Thai company that boasts Fair-Trade screen printed shirts and locally sourced items from Thailand.  All global items  are  from companies committed to either Fair-Trade  or  sustainability and  together, with the local gifts, creates a cohesive earthy vibe. There’s something for everyone in the shop and you are bound to discover something new with each visit.

Lotus Yoga and Dance: A warm atmosphere for personal growth and development

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On the second floor of The Lotus Space is a dance studio and yoga space where local teachers can come to give lessons and host small events. In the Loft you can take a variety of yoga classes from ‘Little Yogis’ for children to advanced classes for the well-trained yogis. Belly dance classes are also offered by local Candice Ortiz who has been dancing in troupes and shows for years.

This month, on October 25th, Lotus Yoga and Dance is inviting the community to try out their yoga, meditation and dance classes for free.  The entire day will be dedicated to offering hour-long sessions of all of the classes that they offer. If you have ever wanted to try a yoga, meditation or a dance class or have been curious as to what the class entails,  then this is a great opportunity. You can find all of the details on their event page HERE.

Stephanie’s Lotus Space is a unique addition to Ogden and one that I hope will be here for many years to come. While you are on 25th street be sure to stop in to check out the boutique, have a bite of something healthy and fresh to eat or  clear your mind in  a yoga session.  There’s something for everyone at The Lotus Spot, but don’t take my word for it, stop in and see for yourself!




**Disclaimer: Although my mean was compensated, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.