Utah Preparedness Month: 12 places to stock up locally

HoneyVille GiveawayIt’s the last Post in our Utah Preparedness Month series and I hope you learned a bunch about surviving a disaster. Now that you are all kinds of knowledgable about  preparedness, it’s time to stock up. These 12 places are located in Utah and are full of amazing stuff like dinner that can sit on your shelf for 45 years just waiting to be eaten, that’s incredible!  So check them out and don’t forget to enter the giveaway sponsored by Honeyville!

The items we are giving away:

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Since 1951 Honeyville has grown from a specialty grain mill into a national food supplier leader specializing in storable foods, quality baking ingredients, and kitchen appliances. We strive to offer excellent quality foods at competitive prices to all of our customers no matter what your volume requirement is. Honeyville’s diverse line of products includes freeze dried and dehydrated foods, whole grains, flours, baking ingredients, canned foods, corn products, and much, much more.
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