Weekend Adventure With Young Automotive & The Salt Project

AutumnThe wind in your hair, the roar of the engine and a cab full of adventure gear and food for grilling…there’s nothing like truck rides in the summer.  Last weekend Young Automotive, The Salt ProjectProject and Indie Ogden teamed up to have a picnic and adventure in the mountains with two luxury trucks.

Young Dodge and Young Ford have had an ongoing playful rivalry so when they heard 2 different bloggers were going to be test driving the trucks, they brought out the big guns. I heard they were snooping to see who was bringing the bigger truck, trying to one-up each other.  After some debating and several key swaps, I got the Dodge Ram 1500 and The Salt Project got the 2015 Ford (check out their adventure HERE) and we were both smitten.

As soon as we drove away from the dealership in the 2015 Dodge Ram 1500, my husband was in love. He willingly drove the kids to the toy store, me to the farmers market and Farmington Station for hours of shopping and his mother out to a thrift store, and then asked us all if there was anywhere else he could drive to.  I think I heard him say ‘Honey, we NEED this truck’ around 7 billion times.  And how could he resist? It had air conditioned seats, satellite radio  and customized everything for crying out loud! I have to admit, I loved that dang truck too and I felt pretty badass driving it.

Sunday we packed up the cab of the truck with the grill, blankets and my favorite Bai 5 coconut water and Cherry Pepsis (bottled right here in Ogden!) for a day on the mountain.  We planned to meet up, picnic and then go for a nature hike and maybe even a game or 2. How we thought we could accomplish this with 9 kids and 6 adults, no one knows. The point is, we tried and it was fabulous fun despite the heat and a few meltdowns, spilled bubbles and one dehydrated mama (that was me!).

The tailgating picnic was so much fun and well worth the drive up to cooler mountain temps. The cab of the trucks provided ample space for all the kids to have a seat, a spot for the grill and room for coolers and more.  The kids got a kick out of yelling from one truck to the next and we even let them have a little ride in the cab (at about .005 MPH) around  a loop. Their squeals of delight could be heard on the former planet, then star, now dwarf planet, Pluto.

As we drive back down the mountain to home I turned around to ask the kids if they had fun, but they were all passed out and snoring. We took the long way home, enjoying our last few hours with our beloved borrowed truck. The Salt Project may think they had the best truck, but I have to ask them, does your Ford have air conditioned seats, satellite radio and all the luxury fixings of a BMW in a beefy truck that feels like a rollercoaster when you put the petal to the metal? I think Dodge won this one.

If you are looking for a new  (or used) truck be sure to click on one of  the images below to see what they have to offer. There’s a reason why this family owned dealership is celebrating 90 years in business and going strong! Be sure to follow Young Automotive Group on Facebook to stay updated on all of their fun events celebrating their anniversary.

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**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Photos By The Salt Project!

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