Who Writes This Stuff Anyways? Proper Manors Part 2 An Interview With Jason White

Jason White…that’s who! Jason is the head writer for the upcoming web-series Proper Manors.I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes of his time…Here is what he had to say about Proper…

How did you get involved with PM?

I met Peitro at an audition for one of my short films. We were involved in a working relationship and he and I started discussing the show. He eventually asked me to be the head writer.

When did you start writing the scripts?

I started in September of 2011 and by December we had finalized and locked downEpisode 1.

How many episodes are completed? And how long are you contacted for?

We have 9 episodes finalized and locked down. There are 13 total episodes in season 1.I’ve signed on to write 26 episodes which is 2 full seasons.

Tell me about your favorite episode and why it’s your favorite.

Episode 9. In episode 9 the characters are coming to life on their own. We’re fleshing them out…they’re are more fun to write about and more fun to follow!

What initially drew you to PM?

The infinite about of possibilities with the story and characters.

How does Ogden play a role in PM?

We have such a good group we are working with here. We work closely with the Ogden office of the UT Film Commission to make sure we are taking advantage of all opportunities.

What do you hope to see for Proper in the future?

It has a lot of qualities of a good soap. I would like for it to be original, a breath of fresh air for the soap genre.

What projects are in your future?

I’m working on a feature film at the time.

Any final thoughts you’d like to leave me with?

I love what I do. I’m working with a very talented group of people…writers, directors,actors, crafty, wardrobe, hair/make-up…they all make this come to life. I love that we all trust each other to make the same series.

 Ok…give me your favorite quote of the series…

“You’ve cut me out?” Anne Sward playing Blanche Crawford Sorrento

Thanks so much to Jason for allowing me to pick his brain! Keep your eye open for more productions coming from this talented young man! Be sure to check out his writing on May 31st on www.propermanors.tv and watch for his film crew to be scattered about Ogden…


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